Working Together

I offer a calm and inspirational space.  I am non judgemental and you can talk in confidence, about the emotions you want to manage and the issues you want to overcome.  Together we can find the strategies best suited for your needs so that you can move forward in life as soon as possible. 

Perhaps you find it impossible to complete specific tasks.  Together, using small steps approach we can build a working process, suitable for you to address your problems.

'One size does not fit all'.  My training and years of experience, have taught me the approaches that can help you best as an individual.   Every client is unique in their differences and learning styles.  We can discover your learning style so that I can offer you an individual approach to getting what you need from therapy.  If you are a Visual learner I can give you the written word. If you are Tactile/Kinaesthetic you can move in the session to help you focus or relax.  If you are auditory I can repeat anything spoken.  

In any relationship, it's almost certain that both spouses are contributing to the problems, often using specific patterns of behaviour.  We can identify and understand the patterns in your relationship and this can help resolve the situation. By identifying your thoughts, feelings and responses, we can find your inner resources that you can apply to the situation for a more enjoyable and productive life. 

Anger is a human emotion that we need in order to protect ourselves in some situations. Sometimes anger needs managing.  Often we get angry because we feel that the other person is wrong and it's human nature to want to be top dog. However, I might ask you this question: do you want to be right, or happy? 

Anxiety is a top counselling issue.  All of us are born with the instinctive “fight or flight” response that helped our ancestors escape predators and other threats. When we are afraid, concerned or stressed, the part of our brain responsible for the fight or flight response will generate the nervous, fearful sensation we call anxiety. You may tell me that you have anxiety from childhood. I might ask you this question: when did you decide to make it a problem for yourself?  We are not always aware of our power of choice. 

Sadness can result from a change you did not expect. Using creative tools, we can draw it out, dialogue with it, make it an animal, write about it. This allows you to see it from a different perspective.  With the mood  lightened you can start to enjoy life again.

Depression can result from untreated sadness and this requires professional help. I will ask you to talk to your GP as well as having counselling.  I use creative methods of change that you can do for  yourself in between sessions at home, in bed, on the train.  I encourage music in the session because music can lift our mood immediately.  We will see how breathing techniques relax us and remove panic and anxiety.  Let's find your heroes. Positive visualisations can relax us, enlighten us and help us become the change we want to be in life. 

I understand how it feels to desperately want to control emotions perhaps to save a relationship or job or yourself from further self criticism.  And I understand the sheer frustration of never finishing a task, being distracted, and hyper focusing. 

Recurring Dreams

For years I would have the same dream and then it changed a bit. At first I was always on a train and could never get off  at my stop. I never knew where I was going to end up. My anxiety was through the roof. Later in the dream I found myself on the train with a mobile phone but I could never get it to work to call someone to help me.  Roz asked me certain questions and I had a breakthrough. My mother had suddenly up and left the family when I was young and it was she who I wanted to get back to or call.  We worked with the inner child that felt helpless and lost.                Testimonial KH Berks

Whatever your issues are that you wish to resolve, I will work alongside you to help you gain the confidence and control necessary for you to loosen the knots of tension and anxiety and find enjoyment in your life.