Roz got right to the point of my issue with my never finishing anything using a simple strategy and my anxiety at work and at home vanished. I now know how to manage things with baby steps.    JF Berks. 

Regulating my anxiety has been the best help ever.  Paul Reading

Unable to make choices

I couldn't even choose what I wanted for dinner and my girlfriend was getting fed up with me. I had a fear of getting it wrong. We did empty chair work  and I came to see that I was putting pressure on my partner and the relationship.  Every day over the next week, I made lots of small choices and then bigger ones.  At the weekend I chose the restaurant and my meal. Result!  Gordon Surrey

Recurring Dream

For years I would have the same dream and then it changed a bit. At first I was always on a train and could never get off  at my stop. I never knew where I was going to end up. My anxiety was through the roof. Later in the dream I found myself on the train with a mobile phone but I could never get it to work to call someone to help me.  Roz asked me certain questions and I had a breakthrough. My mother had suddenly up and left the family when I was young and it was she who I wanted to get back to or call.  We worked with the inner child that felt helpless and lost.     KJ Berks

Lack of Assertiveness

Roz asked me to name a hero to help with my lack of assertiveness. I couldn't think of anyone but then Ellen Ripley from 'Alien'  popped into my head. She was perfect for my needs. Roz's creative way of working worked for me.   Jenny, Surrey

Low Self Esteem

Half way into the first appointment, I calmed right down and felt reassured that here was someone who 'got me'.   SC Berks. 

Anxiety from childhood

I feared my mother for many, many years. We used EFT Emotional Freedom Therapy and I felt so relaxed I almost fell asleep.  Then my grandmother appeared and Roz asked me to imagine her as something clown-like.We used the Boggart Banishing Spell from Harry Potter. It worked, she always looks riddikulus and no longer has any power over me.  Unbelievable.  Phil Surrey 

Supervision Testimonial from Jan Vinall (Counsellor & Hypnotherapist)

"Roz Henfrey has been my counselling supervisor for quite a few years in fact since I first started. We first got together when I was on placement and finding my feet and continues to the present day and now having my own business.

Roz had the kindness, patience, skills and knowledge to guide me through  the early days and this continues today.

I have learnt so much during our supervision and never been made to feel that I was not able at my job even if at times especially in the early days I felt overwhelmed. Roz was the voice of calmness and gave me tools to add to my tool box.

Roz (and I hope she does not mind me writing this) is the most valued tool. Roz shares her knowledge and empathy, this helps me develop my own knowledge and skills further in a safe environment. She helps me to identify my strengths and areas I need to work on.

Feedback given is clear and balanced and specific.

I love working with Roz and value the way we explore different ways of working especially when a session will sit in my head and explore why this is and different ways of looking at it.

Roz has helped me grow and trust my own judgement and intuition and insight  Thank you Roz"