About me

NHS STAFF - you may need the safe place of counselling to talk about your feelings or just let off steam.  My background is in nursing and I understand how it is to barrier-nurse a patient with a serious, infectious disease.  And how taking our feelings home is not fair or appropriate. Counsellors are go-betweens for family and friends and we have adequate support to keep ourselves well.

Covid-19 will continue to shake us all up with regard to change and it will test our abilities to adjust with strength and compassion. 

Love is the glue that can hold us all together.  Compassion is needed along with all the nursing and regulations.  Right now, our relationships with ourselves and each other are being challenged and it is in this area that many people want help.

Many people are feeling negative, angry, anxious, suspicious, helpless and betrayed. Some people believe that the arrival of Covid-19 will help us in a last bid to save the planet - let's hope so.

Covid-19 will create many stories and these testaments are important for us now and for future generations. Let's write them down.

Writing can be a healing instrument for our inner voice. And that is why I wrote my first novel, 'The Most Terrifying Thing', it tells the story of a grief stricken, autistic psychologist. I can help you to write your story and a sense of well being.

I also have first hand experience of  autism and adult ADHD within a family.

Our work is confidential and I am nonjudgmental.  

My practice is in Edgcumbe Park, Crowthorne close to Wellington College.

There is off-road parking