Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is nothing new nor is it some mystical force

Just lie back and relax and let the wonderful, dreamy state of hypnotherapy, float over you as you learn strategies to cope with your problems and emotions. It's as simple as that. 

Entering into a state of hypnosis is natural. We all go into an hypnotic state several times a day for example, when we watch T.V. or become engrossed in a book or when we are daydreaming.

Highway hypnosis, also known as white line fever, is an altered mental state in which a person can drive a car, truck, or other automobile great distances, responding to external events in the expected, safe, and correct manner with no recollection of having consciously done so.

When we are relaxed, we can access the subconscious mind where your desired changes can be made.  This is the storehouse of memory about every person, place, or experience we have ever had.

Self Hypnosis is a simple technique to learn and I can teach you to do this for yourself. 

At all times during the session, you are aware of what I am saying and doing and can open your eyes whenever you choose.
As you are conscious of what is happening you are also able to answer questions.

A Typical Session

The initial session is very important in getting to know you as an individual and understanding what changes you want to make. This consultation is normally free and should not take longer than 30 minutes.

Typically the first session will last an hour. 

Subsequent sessions last between 45 - 60 minutes, and will start with an assessment of the progress being made and areas where further progress is needed.

Deeper relaxation is induced gradually by using a combination of methods such as muscle relaxation, deep breathing, guided imagery and other techniques. Many clients find that this sensation is a feeling of deep relaxation that they have not felt in a long time.

In this relaxed state it is possible to improve the way you feel, think and behave by drawing on the power of the subconscious mind, making it easier to achieve your goals.

"I'd read a book on hypnotherapy and seen videos but they didn't help my craving for cigarettes.  I mentioned this to Roz when I went for anger management. She taught me self hypnosis which was brilliant. I felt like I could control my emotions.   We talked about my anger but we mainly did hypnotherapy which was well relaxing.  The visualisations were something I'd never known. What happened was weird because I lost my nicotine craving and my anger.  I always avoided the dentist out of  of fear but then I got toothache.  The dentist offered me a tablet to stay calm. He started to work and Roz's self hypnosis came back to me and before I knew it, it was all over.  Now I can go to the dentist anytime. The self hypnosis is good for times when I am stressed or just want to relax.   I felt deeply ashamed with my anger but that went. Roz is not judgemental and she's a good listener."

Testimonial - PK Berks.